The Hotel Room – Evelyn Yard Contemporary


The aesthetic trigger for this detailed installation occurred when Jamie John James Jenkinson (to use his full title) stayed at a mediocre hotel in the Lake District.


 The tastless décor and unwitting pastiche of the building provided a grammar of visual signifiers that forms the personality of this precise and progressive post-modern project. The hotel wallpaper reminded Jamie of the illustrative work of his friend and RCA classmate Mr Phil Goss. And indeed Phil’s wallpaper designs are key to this ambitious install.

EYC_TheHotelRoom-inprogress04EY_THE HOTEL ROOM_01


The pair have created a skewed room-within-a-room – a Lynchian space that celebrates the uncanny in the banal. The initial reading of the structure and its components is pleasantly mystifying and intriguing.EY_THE HOTEL ROOM_04

A projected image of a vase ‘falls’ from above you and audibly smashes in a corner disrupting any sense of reality, prompting you to look more closely at the weighty milieu.

Similar visual tricks and subtle slippery details unfold while moving through the space, things are not what they seem and there are faces in the wallpaper.


Consumption, reproduction and repetition emerge as themes, questions of authorship and the psychological resonance of space follow. Jamie has ambitious plans to collate footage taken by visitors to The Hotel Room (‘the use of video and photography is strictly encouraged’) to further muddy the waters of attribution and ownership and potentially create a chaotic metafiction, rich in irony.


Evelyn Yard Contemporary is a new space from the people behind Rook & Raven.

The gallery is dedicated to the immersive media employed by emerging, progressive artists.

The goal is a dynamic space where ambitious installations can be realised cohesively

– a nucleus for groundbreaking modern-day viewing, where artwork and audience conspire through interaction.

The Hotel Room

Daniel Callanan