The Space Between the Stars – Scream Gallery

Chris Bracey - Star

Chris Bracey’s Star glows in the window of Scream London and visitors are drawn in with the promise of neon lights, site-specific installations, unconventional materials and decadence.

Scream presents its third annual group exhibition, The Space Between the Stars, hosting international and British stars alongside new talent.

The show initially looks like a brightly coloured, superficial display; but don’t let the neon fool you. This collection is about light, shadows and the space they inhabit. The show is full of talent, elegantly united under one theme.

Caroline Jane Harris - Sylvan Landscape

Slyvia Hommert experiments with beeswax, holographic paper and glitter on birch, producing shimmering images that have an ephemeral and dynamic quality. Chris Bracey has worked with neon and lights for over thirty years, designing light installations for Stanley Kubrick and Tim Burton and collaborating with Vivienne Westwood and David LaChappelle. His use of retro typography and overt pop culture references are kitsch yet engaging and in this context very effective and memorable. Scream will host Bracey’s first UK solo show in April of this year.

Regine Schumann - Colour Mirror Scream (UV View) small

Caroline Jane Harris is a favourite. Slyvan Landscape was obsessively constructed with hand-cut and layered printed photographs. The result is dizzying and electrifying, a comment on Harris’s own infatuation with natural phenomenon and geometric symmetry. The layers and intense details ultimately abstract the images themselves.

Design and textile duo Tsai and Yoshikawa work with neoprene foam, Perspex and an inbuilt light-source; creating vibrant flora inspired sculptures that hang from the ceiling and cast tangled shadows.

Brooklyn-based artist Shane McAdams’ eerie landscapes use mundane materials like ballpoint pens and oil, and resin. His paintings are the inspiration for Matthew Williamson’s Spring/Summer collection.

The site-specific installation Colour Mirror Scream by Regine Schumann, painted with phosphorescent pigment literally glows from within. An obvious reference to Donald Judd, Schumann’s manipulation of plastic is surprisingly comforting and graceful. Schumann is ‘interested in creating ‘environments’ where the colour and light radiate and create a meditative and illuminating experience.’

James Hopkins - Mirror Image

The cleverly placed text-based sculptures by James Hopkins are a tactful understatement amid the neon, glitter and phosphorescence. Hopkins’ sculptures are as delightful as they are visually confusing.

The Space Between the Stars is carefully curated; the results are impressive and the atmosphere is refreshing.

Chris Bracey, Star
Caroline Jane Harris, Slyvan Landscape
Regine Schumann, Colour Mirror Scream
James Hopkins, Mirror Image

-Megan Conery

The Space Between the Stars is on display at Scream London from 11 January – 16 February

*All images courtesy of Scream London