Vanessa Roy

VanessaRoy photography

Photographs construct altered realities made from distressed fabric.

The series Frayed is cloaked in darkness; exploring issues of presence, absence and the Uncanny.

The photographs become fragments – discarded remnants of cathartic imagery, an ethereal narrative of delicate textures.

Her process involves using damaged polaroid negatives, echoing the condition of the subject matter.

Vanessa Roy is influenced by:

Annette MessagerJana SterbakSophie CalleLaurel NakadateChristian Boltanski and Louise Bourgeois.

Vanessa Roy is listening to:

Camille O’SullivanDaughter and Stornoway.

VanessaRoy photographyVanessaRoy photographyVanessaRoy photographyVanessa RoyVanessaRoyVanessaRoy


-Megan Conery

All photographs © the artist

Roy’s work is on display at Gallery 40 in Brighton 25 -29 June 2013.

Vanessa Roy Photography