Nadine Tropschuh

Nadine Tropschuh - Imaginary Worlds

Nadine Tropschuh’s Imaginary Worlds series disregards the rules for recreating a CMYK screen-print.  ­

Each layer is independently distorted. Using manipulated bitmaps, Tropschuh prints one colour at a time – each stratum offset from the last.

The results are psychedelic, shifting landscapes that appear to flow across the surface of the paper. Vivid and detailed they entice the viewer to delve deeper into a warped and dream-like world.

Nadine Tropschuh is listening to:

‘Jesus Loves the Stooges (whole album – it’s ACE!) and TV Party by Black Flag really loud’

Nadine Tropschuh is influenced by:

‘Nick Kent – Apathy for the Devil, because I want to start a new project about a band I admire, and this is good research’

NadineTropschuh - Imaginary Worlds

NadineTropschuh - Imaginary WorldsNadineTropschuh - Imaginary WorldsNadineTropschuh - Imaginary Worlds

-Jamie Temple

Nadine Tropschuh printmaking