Maria Kassab

Polished Clouds

Maria Kassab’s poetic photomontages and handmade collages translate the quiet contemplation of memories and dreams into stories –  the work creates a visually audible distortion.

Kassab graduated from Lebanese American University with a degree in Graphic Design and Fine Art. Much of the work combines her own photography and illustration with magazine cuttings and vintage photographs, superimposing image over image creating an amalgam of the fantastic, the surreal, the sensual, the personal and the public.

Nature is a consistent leitmotif, while female figures are de-sexualised and political icons de-humanised.

Maria Kassab is listening to:

‘Mostly ambient, classical avant-garde, electronic, post-rock, Garage. Bands such as Sigur ròs, Efterklang, Gimmik, swod, Ulrich Schnauss…’

Maria Kassab is influenced by:

Dada, Constructivism, Surrealism, Bauhaus, Soviet Art

The 7th Floorspoon loveHesitant NoiseWindow childThe operationHommage a l'idéewhats left of warThe gentle GiantTitre de guerre

Polished Clouds
The 7th Floor
Spoon Love
Hesitant Noise
Window  Child
The Operation
Hommage a l’idée
What’s Left of War
The Gentle Giant
Titre de Guerre

-Megan Conery

Maria Kassab