Andrew Khosravani


Ometeotl - Andrew Khosravani


Andrew Khosravrani redefines some of the most revered and feared Gods of Aztec mythology, communicating the culture’s refinement – belying their bloodthirsty reputation.

Each illustration cultivates a playful, astute aesthetic.

Ribbons of colour spiral across the page – lines bleed into lush organic form.

Like the Aztecs, the series is advanced, intelligent and culturally aware; highlighting civility and complexity over violence.

Andrew Khosravrani is listening to:

Jason Molina, Songs Ohia and Magnolia Electric Company

Andrew Khosravrani is influenced by:

Egon Schiele, Jason Ratliff and Paul Blow

Tlaloc - Andrew KhosravaniTezcatlipoca - Andrew KhosravaniQuetzalcoatlFitzli PutzliXipe TotecXochipilliMitecacuhuatl

Ometeotl – God of Duality
Tlaloc – God of Rain and Growth
Tezcatlipoca – The Wind God
Quetzalcoatl – The Two Headed Serpent God
Fitzli Putzli – God of War
Xipe Totec – God of Rebirth & Changing Seasons. 
Xochipilli – The Flower Prince, God of Love, Games and Beauty
Mitecacuhuatl – Goddess of Death & the Underworld

Andrew Khosravani is a London-based illustrator.

All images © Andrew Khosravani