Amélie Barnathan

amelie barnathan

Weaving tones, mocking authority and with a strong grasp of the surreal, Amélie Barnathan manipulates flesh into shattered textures and hues.

The Temptation of St. Hilarion removes the original religious iconography and replaces it with grotesque hallucinations. The work is elegant and horrifying, sinuous figures fill the blank landscape with fevered conviction.

Dominique Louis Féréol Papety’s original painting lacks confidence, a symbiotic temptation in which Hilarion vaguely resists an indolent temptress.

Barnathan’s Boschian demons, female Death and winged swine taunt the frail anchorite St. Hilarion with fear and sexuality.

Amélie Barnathan is listening to:

‘Mostly alternative/shoegaze/punk-rock, bands like L7, Mac DeMarco, Moon Duo, Spacemen 3, My Bloody Valentine and Joe Walsh are in my playlist right now.’

Amélie Barnathan is influenced by:

‘Everything that Le Dernier Cri editions produces, German expressionism, Jerome Bosch, Stéphane Blanquet and Ugo Gattoni.’

amelie barnathanamelie barnathan

-Megan Conery

Amélie Barnathan illustrations