Rachel Whiteread – Gagosian Gallery


Creating positive outcomes from negative space.

These  ‘shy sculptures’ ambiguously punctuate the gallery floor – instead of the landscape – Rachel Whiteread’s Deatched creates an uncomfortable disconnection between object and viewer.

The delicate detail of these tactile sculptures demonstrates the refined evolution of Whiteread’s process.

RachelWhiteread RachelWhiteread

‘I’ve basically done the same thing over and over again. I mean that in a positive way. I think that’s what good art is – the same process and research but refining your strategy.’

Rachel WhitereadRachel Whiteread

The sculptures remain entirely impartial from the space – their aloofness is at first disconcerting, but becomes endearing.

Coupled with resin casts of doors and windows there is a solemn expression at work here – a complete understanding of the wholly familiar, the usually disregarded unseen.

Instead of denaturing everyday objects, Detached feels emphatically personal.

All images: Rachel Whiteread, Untitled, 2012, Copyright Rachel Whiteread, courtesy Gagosian Gallery. Photo: Mike Bruce.

-Helen D. Cogswell

Rachel Whiteread’s Detached is on display at Gagosian London from 11 April – 25 May 2013.