Piotr Lakomy – The Sunday Painter

Piotr Lakomy - Sunday Painter

Upon first glance, Piotr Lakomy’s use of dark Styrofoam suggests a weightiness and monumentality. Adjusting to the throwaway qualities of the material, there is evidence of it melting from proximity to a hot light bulb.

With clear reference to time passing or time running out, it evokes Bas Jan Ader’s film, Nightfall, in particular the moment where Ader drops a heavy paving stone, and smashes one of two lights, plunging the left side of the scene into darkness.

Piotr Lakomy - Sunday Painter

I can see a similar melancholy in Lakomy’s piece, Need Room, where a group of light bulbs emit a cornered glow. All the lamps, formal differences aside, seem to congregate, as if sharing some little secret. Switchblade shadows and shifting microcosms occur as the lights blink on and off, on and off.

In Untitled (xyz), the spacious and delicate aluminium frame creates a window for a lonely candle. This aesthetic is repeated in the boyish Fingerprints series that line the walls.Piotr Lakomy - Sunday Painter

Piotr Lakomy - Sunday PainterThe concurrence of heat and material are reflected in the sinister melted interior of Untitled (tunnel). This object is burnt out, has lost its glow and warmth and the remains are left hollow. The process has turned the mundane object into something charged; it is abandoned, emotive and raw.

There is a clear split between the cool, open aluminium pieces and the imposing Styrofoam sculptures. Their relationship is more opposed than referential, but there are moments of harmony in the discord.

Piotr Lakomy - Sunday PainterPiotr Lakomy - Sunday PainterPiotr Lakomy - Sunday Painter

Installation View, 2013
Need Room, 2013
Fingerprints, 2013
Untitled (Tunnel), 2013
Untitled (xyz), 2013
Untitled (xyz), detail
Untitled (xyz), detail

All images courtesy the artist and The Sunday Painter

-Millie Schwier

Life Size Shadow is on display at The Sunday Painter from 21 June – 21 July 2013