Kate-Bowe O’Brien

Train occupies liminal space, emphasising the illusionary nature of moving image.

This concept of the in-between and the experiential pace of train travel inspired Kate-Bowe O’Brien to construct, distort and manipulate an archive of found footage.

Using both real and model trains – the film slowly winds through tunnels, looping through an unknown landscape. Occasionally, jarring transitions disrupt the trompe l’oeil and the use of a Shepard Tone disrupts the potential for nostalgia.

Hypnotic and cyclical – the nature of the loop and the evocation of going ‘nowhere’ reiterates the ephemeral and dreamlike sensation of the film.

Kate Bowe OBrien

Kate-Bowe O’Brien is listening to:

‘Aphex Twin, The Ex, Vatican Shadow, Cluster, Gonjasufi, Suicide, Ben Frost, Circle, Mika Vainio…. loud immersive gigs’

Kate-Bowe O’Brien is influenced by:

‘Olafur Eliasson, Fiona Tan, Torsten Lauchmann, Francis Bacon, Cildo Meireles, Daniel Canogar, Dorothy Cross, Chris Cunningham (in particular his live 3 screen performance at Electric Picnic 09). This music video for Mohammad by Beben Films – ‘Sakrifis’ is one of the most striking things I’ve seen recently.’

-Megan Conery

Kate-Bowe O’Brien

Kate Bowe-O’Brien recently completed a Masters in Photography at Edinburgh College of Art and was shortlisted for the Edinburgh Printmaker’s Short Film Award 2013.