Jess Littlewood

JessLittlewood - islandfolly

Jess Littlewood investigates the affinities and limitations of human behaviour via a fabricated island commune.

This ambiguous narrative tracks the unseen inhabitants of a fictitious island. Evidence of their proclivities toward cultural eccentricity and anxious faith appear as references to 1960s and 70s counter culture and sci-fi cinema.

Working digitally, Littlewood builds up layers of found images. These inhuman landscapes are the product of exhaustive collecting, collating and archiving – producing a glimpse into an alternate reality.

Jess Littlewood is listening to:

‘I just bought a new record player so am enjoying some old favourites from Fleetwood Mac and The Beatles. I also just worked on some artwork for Pictures Music’s William Arcane and I love his new release ‘Want Somebody.’’

Jess Littlewood is influenced by:

‘Video artist Ben Rivers who made an amazing film called ‘Slow Action’ about an archipelago, painter Adam Dix for his occult subject matter and Grayson Perry for his insistence on making the work he wants to make regardless of trends or what anyone thinks.’

JessLittlewood - island folly

JessLittlewood - island folly JessLittlewood - island folly I

Dissolution of Mother Island
Island IV

All images © Jess Littlewood

-Megan Conery

Jess Littlewood’s Island Folly will be on display at Bearspace Gallery from 31 May – 29 June 2013

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