Anna Garforth

Anna Garforth is a London based artist taking the art world by storm using her diverse skills to uniquely capture the aesthetics of nature and transform the world around us.

Distorted UK in Focus: ANNA GARFORTH

Never one to be defined by an individual medium Garforth takes a multifarious approach to her art practice creating an eclectic body of work utilizing a diverse array of skills such as illustration, design and craft.

Much of her work takes on a plein air approach, unrestricted by the walls of the gallery these works weave their way into the surrounding community and provide that little bit of extra magic that can so often be lost in the humdrum of daily life. When exhibiting in galleries the reverse can often be seen as she captures the beauty of the natural world to bring in the organic energy of nature into the manmade structure of the gallery setting.

Distorted UK in Focus: ANNA GARFORTH

From typography baked in cookie dough, a giant bear constructed out of cardboard (one of our personal favourites and recently featured on the front cover of one of Holland’s major newspapers) and guerrilla gardening expeditions Garforth’s art is both highly original, witty and wholly inspirational.

Distorted UK in Focus: ANNA GARFORTH

She has worked and exhibited internationally working with big brands, creative agencies and independent clients in locations such as Hong Kong, the UK and Paris.


-Marcus Pibworth